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xterns' mission is to democratize opportunity for diverse, talented students across the country

What is an Externship?

An externship is a program hosted by a firm that typically lasts between one day and one week. During this event, selected students are invited to visit the company’s headquarters, hear from and network with executives at the firm, and potentially interview for an internship with the firm for the upcoming summer. Externships are almost always entirely paid for by the host company, and can allow students an immense leg up by putting them directly in front of recruiters and allowing them to develop leadership and technical skills.

How can I apply?

xterns.com is meant to be a resource designed to guide you towards externships with companies you may be interested in pursuing a career with. Use the filters to narrow your search, and if you find an opportunity you like, the ‘Apply’ button will take you to the application! From there, the application will specify details such as supplementary materials, deadlines, and next steps. Please make sure you meet all the qualifications as described by the host company before applying for any opportunity.

About Us

Who We Are

Hello and welcome! My name is Div Dasani, and I founded xterns.com with my friend, Amy Chen. Amy and I are students at Northwestern University, and consequently have spent immense amounts of time attending networking events and information sessions with dozens of firms from across the nation. It was during these events that we noticed the lack of diversity at the largest and most prestigious companies in virtually every industry. From the largest financial institutions to the smallest technology startups, elite American firms have distinctly homogenous employee bases.

What We Do

Externship opportunities are often poorly advertised or exclusively marketed only at certain schools, scattered arbitrarily across a firm’s careers page, and difficult or confusing to apply for. Amy and I founded xterns.com to combat these exact problems! By compiling these opportunities in a concise, simplistic platform, we hope to make it easier for students from across the nation to apply for the incredible opportunities these firms have to offer! By leveraging this website, students will be able to kickstart their professional careers and learn what they are passionate about, all while building their résumés!

Why We Do It

Diversity is crucial to the success of any corporation. Diverse employees each contribute unique perspectives to the workplace, and can engage with one another to create truly innovative products and solutions, allowing employees increased job satisfaction and companies the ability to outperform competitors. It’s not just about ethnic diversity either; firms should make sure they are actively recruiting individuals that identify as women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, disabled, veterans, first generation college students, and people of color.

Our Team

Div Dasani

Class of 2019

Amy Chen

Class of 2020

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